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Hi, I'm Solana.

I am a holistic esthetician, a massage therapist specializing in embodiment work + a Hellenistic astrologer.

I am here to meet you on many levels. Regardless of “what” you see me for, it is my honor to support you in your self-care, your self-commitment and your expanding knowing of your beauty, power and essence.

As a skincare therapist (esthetician), I offer deeply healing and rejuvenating facials that include lots of neck + shoulder massage, as well as craniosacral treatment.  I use an incredibly advanced, all organic + plant-based product line to deliver you maximum results in a way that is tune with nature.  I retail this line as well, and I am especially crafty with helping you find the optimum skincare regime that is affordable + as simple or multi-faceted as you want it to be!


As a massage therapist, I offer a blend of craniosacral, full-body relaxation + chakra balancing in my Energy Healing Massage sessions.  Anyone who is experiencing fatigue, unbalanced emotions, chronic pain, trouble sleeping, trouble finding stillness, digestive problems and unbalanced or inactive libido will benefit greatly from these sessions.  I offer packages that are money-saving for those who are committing to their health over a period of sessions with me (please inquire).


And now a new rose is blooming in the garden of my offerings to you:

The rose of embodiment work.

Embodiment is the coming home of the soul to the body, integrating all the pieces of ourselves: the light + the shadow, good + bad, wanted + unwanted.  Every single soul walking the Earth has experienced some traumas at some time in their lives…and it is our job (our holy work) to heal and bring ourselves home.  Home into the body.  Home through the body.  This is not a fantasy or a mental experience.  It is not transcendence.  It is coming home, anchoring, nesting within.  It is de-armoring (removing the armor that blocks our enjoyment + appreciation of life, and our ability to give + receive love).  It is de-fragmenting (healing + integrating all aspects of ourselves that have been lost, hidden or "split" from the whole).  It is arriving in the NOW moment, again and again, to awaken to the fullness that life is offering you.

I offer embodiment sessions for men + women.

To complete the trifecta of my offerings, I practice Hellenistic astrology - which is the most ancient astrological system within Tropical Timezone Astrology, steeped in divine feminine wisdom from a time when Goddess was honored and celebrated as the Life-Giving Creatrix.

I have been following the phases of Luna (the moon) for over 20 years, and in 2013 I was guided to deepen my studies in astrology through blog writing + many, many classes from brilliant teachers both locally + online.  Reading people’s charts and translating the language of astrology is super fun for me!

As an astrologer, I support your unique life-path and the power of your inner-knowing (your intuition).  I view astrology as very helpful “blueprint” for better understanding of self, as well as a fabulous way to illuminate the energies of the times – how transiting planets affect us energetically and how we can support ourselves in specific areas of life.  I have worked with clients who are brand-new to understanding how astrology works, as well as clients who are very well-versed but need that fresh perspective.

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Please browse my offerings, and if you are curious but have questions or just want to know more – please reach out to me!

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