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Meet Solana:

Astrologer / Esthetician / Massage Therapist 

I am here to meet you on many levels.

Regardless of “what” you see me for, it is my honor to support you in your self-care, your self-discovery and your self-commitment to loving all of you.

My favorite part of what I do: Witnessing my clients embrace their truth and expand in their beauty, power and essence.

You can browse the complete list of my offerings here - my booking site is regularly updated with current pricing + packages.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have questions or just want to know more.

Love + Blessings

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"I was guided earlier this year by my inner voice to Solana for help with my depression. Mine is seasonal, but not in the usual way. For me the difficult times are spring and fall. When I could feel it setting in this year it was late February so it was starting as spring was approaching. I was amazed to learn that Solana was now a womb healer.  I have been aware through my healing journey that the womb is the highest healing technology the universe has to offer us but had not found anyone who actually practiced womb healing.  I felt a major shift after the first session with Solana. Her work is helping me connect with my soul.  Solana tunes into my healing path like no one I have worked with before.

For the first time in my life I have had a full spring season of no depression without any medication. Rather I have been fully engaged in my own healing process. Yes, the feelings of depression have come up and there was one day when it was almost overwhelming for a moment, but I knew from the inside that this was not a fall back into the old morass but a layer in the process and I willingly let myself be guided through to a new level of connection.  Solana continues to help me in finding expanding joy and health far beyond simply not being depressed.  Truly, my soul is opening and coming into my body with great potency.   I give her and her practice the highest rating and recommendation."

Michael, Seattle

"Solana is a gifted, intuitive and caring massage therapist. You couldn’t put your body, mind, and spirit in better hands!!"

Joe, Seattle

"Solana is truly gifted at sensing energy in her energy bodywork and womb healing sessions. She works intuitively and uses creativity in her sessions to facilitate a beautiful and safe experience for her clients. Solana has much appreciation for the full depth of the human soul and human experience. Her sessions allow for deep acceptance, growth and transformation.
Solana integrates spirituality into her sessions in a comfortable way and honoring of a variety of spiritual beliefs. With skillful integration of body, heart, mind and emotions, Solana offers her clients intentional healing growth experiences through bodywork and other healing arts modalities."

Anonymous, Seattle

"I've been getting facials and sugaring with Solana for years. Her knowledge of Eminence products and skincare expertise is unparalleled. She genuinely cares about helping clients feel their most beautiful - inside and out. The compassion and mindfulness she shares is a gift."

Kate, Seattle

"Solana is a beautiful person on the inside and out. She is also a true professional and very gifted and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her facial. She integrated some very powerful neck and facial massage too. I loved the experience."

Rena, Seattle

The relaxation lasted for at least a week. Haven’t felt that chill in years. I recommend Solana for massage and everything she does.”

Dominique, Seattle

"I always look forward to appointments with Solana!  Not only is she a great esthetician, she is an incredibly kind person with a very open heart.  I have trusted her with my hair removal for 8+ years, and I consistently get compliments on my eyebrows. It's obvious that she's passionate about her work and cares a lot about her clients.  Over the years she has offered great advise for my skin care that really caters to my needs.  My skin and eyebrows look better than ever, and I feel more confident as a result.  I definitely recommend Solana!"

Melanie, Seattle

"Solana's sugaring technique is precise, efficient, and gentle.  Her passion for her work is evident in how she takes genuine interest in each of her clients.  She is so easy to talk to, whether it's about life, love, or spirituality and I look forward to our appointments every month."

Carrie, Seattle

Solana is a wonderfully talented esthetician and truly cares about her customers. As a sugaring client of hers, I always find that her technique is incredibly gentle, and she goes out of her way to ensure that I am comfortable every time I see her. Additionally, Solana is a warm and kind person. I look forward to seeing her every month and guarantee that if you visit with her once, you'll feel the same way! There is no one else I trust more with my skin care needs." 

Monica, Seattle