How did I become an Astrologer?

I began following Lunar Astrology almost 20 years ago, as a way to connect with my own cycle as a woman and to track my own patterns of emotions and behavior.  I have always been fascinated by the way my own life experiences have coincided with lunar phases and planetary shifts.  As someone who is highly sensitive and empathic, I can tap into the pulse of astrology for others, myself + the collective quite naturally.

Over the years, I have had the great fortune of learning from several incredible astrologers, whose names I am happy to share with anyone who asks.  As an avid student and seeker, I have committed hundreds of hours to classes and self-study in the past 5 years alone (when I began to pursue this path professionally).  Through this process, I have developed an in-depth understanding of the language of astrology, a solid framework for working within its many layers, and a keen ability to interpret birth (natal) charts, relationship (synastry) charts, and planetary transits.  I translate the language of astrology in a way that is palatable for both beginners and those who are themselves seasoned in astrological interpretation. 

My recommendation with astrology is to absorb what makes sense to you, what pertains to you, and let the rest go. Every astrologer (and school of astrology) is going to have a different lens of perspective and filter for interpretation; some will resonate with you more than others. Trust your inner-knowing.

My lens is supportive of you + no bullshit. I translate the language of astrology, how it applies to your life at this time, and I give you any intuitive impressions I am receiving.  I am the witness and the messenger, supporting you to find clarity within and trust your inherent inner-compass, your intuitive senses and your chosen path.

It’s pretty fun.

How does Astrology serve us?

There is so much happening in our "little" solar system, and as we pay attention to how the Moon, Sun + fellow planets are traveling through the Zodiac, we can begin to draw connections to our own journeys.  Astrology is a path of self-inquiry and self-discovery.  Following this path is one of the many ways to grow in self-awareness and bring illumination to very real aspects of life.

Many of us are feeling the effects of being in a time of potent planetary awakening. Every drop of the Ocean creates the Ocean, and every drop of an individual radiates throughout the collective. This is a very powerful time of healing, dismantling false belief-structures, creating new paradigms + clearing generations of ancestral baggage. Astrology is the language that looks beyond the limited ego paradigm + the 3D matrix. We feel ourselves on a soul level when we interpret messages from the stars + planets. We feel ourselves as that which is beyond this time/space reality, this body, this personality – and this is exactly what allows us to come home to ourselves. With greater wisdom, greater commitment.

This is how I work. This is my intention for myself and for you.

We are all One, and still the distinction of each human life is truly worth marveling.
Your life is a fascinating story – and yet YOU (the real you) lies completely beyond the story.

And as the story of you begins to be treated like a work of art, the YOU that is you feels more and more at home. The YOU that is the real you can accept everything as it is right now in this moment. And simply in doing so, you pick up the reigns of your life, you feel the exquisite beauty of reality, and you pursue the burning call of your soul.

Important Facts About Scheduling:

• I MUST receive your birth information at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. Birth information includes: Exact birth date, birth time + city/place of birth. If you do not know your exact birth time, don’t worry. Try to estimate it. I have a method of determining correct rising sign (which your entire chart is hinged upon), and I have been very successful with a number of clients who did not know their birth time.

• If you have never received a Natal Chart Reading before, please expect our first session to be focused solely on your birth chart without diving into current transits. It is important to understand the language of astrology a bit in order to understand your birth chart, and it is REALLY important to understand your birth chart when we are looking at current transits. I often recommend two 90 minute sessions within a month of each other to get a really good handle on your personal astrological blueprint (your birth chart).

• I offer quick intuitive readings with the Animal Medicine Card Deck or the Goddess Card Deck before sessions. These are complimentary, take about 10 minutes, and give us a good sense of where you are at energetically before we begin your astrology session. These readings are optional. I do offer longer card readings for those interested (please inquire).