Embodiment is the coming home of the soul to the body, integrating all the pieces of ourselves: the light + the shadow, good + bad, wanted + unwanted.  Every single soul walking the Earth has experienced some traumas at some time in their lives…and it is our job (our holy work) to heal and bring ourselves home.  Home into the body.  Home through the body.

This is not a fantasy or a mental experience.  It is not transcendence.  It is coming home, anchoring, nesting within.  It is learning how to love yourself much more deeply.  It is feeling to heal.

My specific style of embodiment work combines massage therapy, somatic awareness, breathing practices, chakra balancing + soul-centered guidance.  I am an Initiate of Isis and Mary Magdalene, walking the path of Feminine Awakening and Christ Consciousness.  I am a Passion Priestess (awakening the vibrant, life-force energy within), and I blend my training in tantra, shamanism + shadow-work to meet All Of You in this work.

I welcome persons of all genders and sexual orientations in my work.  Please reach out if you have questions as to which session type is right for you.

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These sessions are for all female-bodied persons who seek to heal, awaken + empower their full expression.  You will be supported in your unique exploration of your feminine nature, and there is no agenda for what that looks like.  Within these sessions, I will hold space for all that arises as you feel the places within that are asking to be healed.  The ways that you have suppressed your feminine power, wildness, erotic + creative energy.  The ways that you have misused your feminine energy.  Any deeply held traumas and false belief-systems.  Ancestral wounding + patterns.

And very importantly: supporting + healing your inner-masculine energy, which will in turn become a great resource and pillar of strength that you can call on at all times!

A large focus of our work together will be focused on the wombspace, and here’s why:

Your womb is your power center.

Your womb is your seat of inner-knowing + inner-guidance.

Your womb is an incredible filter for ALL of your life experiences, and like any filter – it needs to be cleansed.

Even if you no longer have a physical womb (uterus) due to hysterectomy, you still have your wombspace, which contains all imprints left from your physical womb and holds the same energetic capacity for intuition, creativity + feminine magnetism.

And this work is bigger than just you or me.

Womb healing is planetary healing.

By tuning in + coming into rhythm with the true voice, desires + will of our wombs, we connect to the rhythm of Gaia (Earth), which puts us in the flow of nature.

We can allow deeply held fears, tensions + sadness to release instead of creating external dramas.

We can face our shadows with love instead hiding from them.

We can forgive.  Ourselves and others.

We can learn to love (ourselves + all of Life) beyond what we have known.

We can let go of gripping tightly for control of outer circumstances, and instead we can become very soft + anchored within our own being, with an unshakable knowing that we can hold ourselves through and through, regardless of what is happening externally.

Through the work of feminine embodiment, we come home to our inner Throne.

From this place, our cup begins to overflow.

In addition to the womb, our ovaries, our yoni + our breasts are vitally important for the work of fully anchoring our souls in our bodies and igniting our Ka (Life Force Energy).  The ancient secret truths that have been hidden for millennia and reserved for the elite are now available to all of us.

The ability to reclaim + awaken our true power is in our hands.

It is my honor and privilege to midwife you in the coming home to your feminine essence and the anchoring of your soul in your body.  I trust the process, and you can trust me to stay true to your soul.

I welcome persons of all genders and sexual orientations in my work.  Please reach out if you have questions as to which session type is right for you.

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In tantra, the primary receptive (negative) polarity of a man is his heart.

Regardless of how you identify in regard to gender + sexual orientation, our receptive polarities are places where we tend to become very guarded + shut-down in response to societal conditioning, ancestral patterns and certain traumas that we have experienced in life – especially childhood and early sexual awakening.

If a man’s heart-center is blocked, it is literally impossible for him to move his sexual energy in a way that is truly healing from his partner.  In relationships, he may act emotionally unavailable and struggle to experience real intimacy.  He may feel incredibly unfulfilled or confused by romantic relationships and by sex with a partner – because a massive energy portal within him is being denied, the portal of his heart – which receives the energy of Love.

There are many systemic ways that Men + Boys are being programmed in our culture to disconnect from their heart energy.  Men + Boys are allowed (and often encouraged) to express rage + lust, but almost no other emotion – not fear, not sadness, not softness – not even happiness.

The trauma from thousands of years of this kind of conditioning in cultures throughout the world is very real – and is finally being illuminated now in the 21st century.  The healing of the masculine heart is a cornerstone for planetary healing.

Through a sublime combination of massage, chakra balancing, embodied prayer, shadow-work + intuitive guidance, I will create a container for your deepest healing.  I will act as midwife in your unfolding: Igniting your Inner-King + healing/balancing your Inner-Queen.  As you release that which no longer serves you, we will invite that which Does Serve You into your energetic field, setting the stage for amazing positive changes in your external reality.

I welcome persons of all genders and sexual orientations in my work.  Please reach out if you have questions as to which session type is right for you.

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