SINCE 2008, I have been providing holistic skincare services to men + women of all ages, ethnicities and skin types. 

For me, holistic skincare means:

  • Using products made of natural, organic + plant-based ingredients - sourced safely from the earth and without the use of animal testing

  • Treating the whole person when addressing skin-solutions (your nutrition, your sleep, your exercise plan, your stress level, your self-esteem, the ease of your menstrual cycle + your energetic/emotional state are all key components to creating healthy, radiant skin)

  • Supporting your inner-beauty as much as your outer-beauty

  • Find creative, dynamic + cost-effective ways to create the optimum “skin-diet” tailored specifically to your skin, your lifestyle + the season we are in


I offer deeply healing and rejuvenating facials that include lots of neck + shoulder massage, as well as craniosacral treatment.  I use an incredibly advanced, all organic + plant-based product line to deliver you maximum results in a way that is tune with nature.  I am especially crafty with helping you find the optimum skincare regime that is affordable + as simple or multi-faceted as you want it to be.  For me, good skincare means having fun with a delicious daily ritual that helps you look + feel radiantly alive.  





As a registered Spa Partner, I carry Éminence Organic Skincare – a leading-edge skincare line that is both pioneering plant-science in skincare + committed to being 100% plant-based, practicing holistic organic farming, no animal-testing ever, and creating the most delicious skincare formulas on the planet!

I have worked with Éminence for almost 10 years, and it has been a joy to witness their advances in plant stem-cell technology, creating incredible plant-based alternatives to anti-aging formulas like retinol, or skin-brightening formulas like hydroquinone.  The plant-based formulas created by Eminence are backed by many clinical trials, and are providing clients with much safer, more nourishing + more effective solutions to everyday skin concerns.

When you come to me for a facial, my goal is to support you in your specific skin goals + provide you with practical education for your daily home-care – AND I want to give you the experience of pure bliss throughout.  You will be honored as the Queen (or King) while on my treatment table, and you will receive my signature face/neck/shoulder massage for circulation + deep relaxation, as well as craniosacral massage to your brain + nervous system in creating subtle, lasting changes for your greater well-being.

My goal is to have you GLOWING from the inside-out + from the outside-in.